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Embracing the mess of learning professionally and personally.

Publications :

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  • 6/6/2016-6/9/2016 and 7/11/2016-7/14/2016 “Promises to Our Learners” Kirkwood School District
  • 4/29/2016 “Promises to Our Readers” Kirkwood School District
  • 2/12/ 2016 Kirkwood School District UNITE Day “Every Reader, Every Day” (with Rebekah Murphy)
  • 10/ 6/2015 and 10/27/2015 “Assessment for Literacy Learning” (Fountas and Pinnell BAS and Small Group Reading Insruction)
  • 4/24/2015  “Teacher Leaders in Action: Three Perspectives, One District” Missouri Professors of Educational Administration
  • 2/15/2012 “Engaging Students in High-Level Learning with Interactive Whiteboards” METC
  • 2/14/2012 “Innovative Collaboration with Google Docs”  METC
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