Lessons From My Kindergartner

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In  less than a week, my daughter begins Kindergarten.  While my older son fearlessly sped toward the doors of his elementary school, eager for the opportunity to meet new friends and navigate a whole new school, my daughter’s gait is slow and trembling.  Her fears reveal themselves mainly at night as we cuddle together, heads atop her unicorn pillow pet.

“Will I be allowed to play outside?”  “Can I draw there?”  “Will the other kids laugh at me?” “What if I don’t make any friends?”  “Will they have mac ‘n cheese for lunch?”

Her questions, some seemingly simple to answer and others heartachingly difficult if one is to be truthful, remind me how fragile many students are this year at KHS, too.

As we are prepare our classrooms and lessons, let us remember that sometimes the questions we ask are not as important as listening to the questions posed to us.  

My soon-to-be kindergartner would like to add that recess and drawing might help kids feel better, too.