Twitter Tidbits

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Many teachers at KHS are tapping into the power of social media and using Twitter as a tool for their teaching and learning.  Getting started with Twitter is easy, and this article by Paul Boutin might help you get started.  Begin by following some KHS teachers to see how they communicate with their students and their colleagues.

Once you have mastered some of the basics and selected a few people to follow, you might check out #Edchat onTuesdays at 6:00 (CST).  Jerry Blumengarten (a.k.a. the cybraryman) composed a list of other educational hashtags you might consider as well.

For those of you who are the more savvy of my tweeps, check out All You Need to Know to Twitter.  Think about sharing a link with your students via Twitter. allows you to compile resources for your students in one shortened URL.  (All of those research projects and webquests where students needed to type in long URLs, only to miss a key letter or underscore? eliminates those issues and the inconvenience of opening numerous windows or tabs.)  Students can click on the shortened URL in your tweet to view the resources immediately.

What is your Twitter handle, and how do you use Twitter for teaching and learning?