Oscar-Worthy Performances

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Light up the small screen with videos of you and your students introducing new topics, reviewing difficult concepts, digging more deeply into advanced applications and more!

Jing  is one of many free web tools teachers and students can use to screencast.  For those of you who are new to this term, a screencast allows you to capture video of your computer screen combined with an audio narration explaining the process on the screen.  Visit Jing’s site (www.techsmith.com/jing.html).

Some teachers at KHS are already using Jing or other screencasts to help their students:

  • When Physics students have mastered a topic, they may choose to record a screencast not only to demonstrate their mastery but also to share with their peers who may need a review of the topic.
  • Calculus students are encouraged to view screencasts to receive just-in-time support from their teacher and their peers.
  • Other KHS students may watch their teachers’ lessons on youtube, leaving classroom time for the difficult work of applying the knowledge or skills from the lecture.
How could screencasting help students in your classroom?